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It’s been a while since I’ve used WordPress for personal purposes, in fact, the last time that I’ve deployed a WordPress instance was back in 2013! Through these years I’ve tried a lot installing and managing Django, Flask and even a basic handmade MVC on PHP but, none have satisfied the time that I don’t have. Strange, isn’t it? But yes, the time that I don’t have as a full-time working man.

Little from the past:

Blogging is a practice that demands time and writing was always a willing of mine! I’ve been writing on my ‘black paper’ since my 15’s and due to that, I have some old memories right there, in my old ‘books’. To take a voyage to the past, all I need is to read my own words through pages filled with impressions from my past self. Sometimes, I was kinda of communicating with the future, reporting what was important on those days, part of my idiosyncrasy changing through these years.

A lot have drastically changed through these 5 years due to my pursue to be in a better position. Also, life itself have made some changes. Strangely, I’ve abandoned the writings by this time. There was nothing important to remember, life was just going with the flow without argues or decisions, I was just accepting everything until I realize that suddenly, I was all by myself, fighting for nothing and living everyone’s life but mine and there goes the time that I don’t have, trying to taking care of everyone else.

In the verge of rage, my spiritual guides have led my life to Florianópolis, giving me glimpses of the future, signs that have showed on right there when I needed in order to enforce my faith in better days. These made me understand that all of the fighting have worthed after all.

Why WordPress?

It is undoubtably fast, easy and has a nice design. I was trying to achieve something with Flask to reproduce a CMS but, WordPress is just great for writing and it has an extensive documentation for developers and primary users. The complexity of providing a relation between classes and entities of an web application have been all figured out on WordPress. I do not have to think about it, with WordPress I just need to focus on my content.

As a SysAdmin, I refused to install WordPress on any webserver that I was running because, with WordPress my access log went crazy on ‘xmlrpc’ and my resources often cease, impeding MySQL to work. It is well known that WordPress has a lot of security issues, but instead of improving the security on my server I was just, not installing it so if the server does not has a WordPress application, then the attacker will not reach any file. What a shame!

Influenced by digital communities and geeks that think they have all the knowledge in the world, I was just avoiding it, when the correct move is the answer to this question: “how can I improve the security of a WordPress instance on my webserver?”. So as an amateur writer and a SysAdmin, WordPress is a great tool for both worlds, I can manage my memories as I write and keep an eye on my server’s log, that’s why I’m back to WordPress!

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