Friday Night #2

What a great night to enjoy some old memories fueled by the magical lights from every Christmas decoration taking place everywhere on the streets, bringing a sort of hope and unity. It’s just a perfect time to get together and remember primordially who we are and, who really is important since nowadays it seems that people are more inclined to keep looking for themselves.

One of my favorites activities is to walk. I really like to wander around through the streets, imagining and observing every detail while trying to figure out life. In Christmas time this silly way to spend time takes a whole new level of distraction due to all sorts of ornaments all around and Niterói for me has the most different and intense type of energy this time of the year. The funny thing is that for me, these memories are also bound with music and, by the end of 2006 I was aways walking around Icaraí with my MP3 player listening to a lot of different things.

This song always remind me the time when I was lost, just wondering, missing my future wife. By that time we were just two teenagers who have just met. Pretty soon we’ve understood that wasn’t the right time since both of us were just starting to grow up. This song describes exactly the sensation of being so near yet so far from her… she didn’t imagine how much I’ve missed her!

Here I roam the streets without you
As summer fades away
…down in the city at nights
The cold wind blows

A-ha — October

To burn all my teenage frustrations I was aways wondering near the Campo de São Bento at night, being a regular customer in the most filthy pubs around were I stop by to write accompanied by the most cheap drinks that they were serving at the time which was Gin and Beer, this last one I ordered just for an appetizer. Don’t blame me, I was just a 19 year’s old boy trying to soothe a broken heart in the most reckless way possible.

Barroquinho 2010

Back in 2006 I was discovering a lot from life itself together with my “personal soundtrack” composed by songs that were new to me and that I still listen today, remembering the exact sensation from those days. Was a work of discoveries! I was listen a lot from A-ha, New Order and most of all Pet Shop Boys. There is a song that I’ve heard for the first time, just after my first date with Tatiane: Love Comes Quickly, and indeed came for me, just after I’ve seen the radiant smile from my future wife.

Rebel times that makes sense today when I’m starting my independence, achieving my first Christmas Eve at home with my beautiful family, here we are, after all these years, together!

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