Install Dropbox on Debian

I often wipe my computer’s drive without remembering to save some important configuration files. On Linux there are some small text files that we just configure one time and we end up forgetting how important these files might be, as we do not touch them for a long time (like a well configured .bashrc). I use Dropbox to sync configuration files, shellscripts, and I can tell you, it have saved my life on many occasion. As a Debian/xfce4 user, I’ll share the correct way to configure Dropbox on this environment.


It’s very simple to install Dropbox on Debian but, if you’ve tried to install it through the package manager, you’ve already noticed that, Dropbox isn’t provided on the Debian’s repository for some obvious reasons. On the other hand, Dropbox does not provide a Debian package, it just informs that it has a Ubuntu package.

(in portuguese since I'm brazilian)

Actually, every Ubuntu package is primordially a Debian package, It work exactly the same on both distributions but of course, Ubuntu have a more “influential network” than the Debian’s free community, shall we say, so you’ll be able to find much more orange logos than red ones. You can safely download the “.deb” package.

Before starting to install the package with dpkg -i, you must be sure that you have the following package installed:


You can install the package above with the package manager.

After you’ve installed the dependency above, you can download the Ubuntu Package provided by the official Dropbox website:

Be sure to select the correct system version of the package, you can easily find your system architecture by running the following command:

$ uname -r

To install the package you have to use the dpkg program. If you’ve downloaded the .deb package into your Downloads directory, you can install the package by running:

$ sudo dpkg -i Downloads/dropbox*


After the installation have been finished, Dropbox will not start automatically when the system boot up. In order to start Dropbox on every boot, you must enable the application in the Application Autostartup on Session and Startup, on your xfce4 environment:

After you’ve enabled, Dropbox will start automatically with the system! Happy syncing!

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