Plugins #1

We just love the way how it’s easy to include a new functionality into our WordPress website by installing a brand new plugin through our dashboard page. Although, it’s very common to find tutorials that induces the usage of plugins to solve huge problems like SEO, promising to keep your website at the top of the Google’s search rank, when in reality, they might be consuming a lot of resources and also putting your application at risk.

There’s no magic way to improve your website ranking despite the fact that you’ll have to work! Yes, it’s just crazy don’t you think? You have to create content for your website in order to improve it’s SEO, plain and simple. WordPress has a nice article with some tips that you need in order to improve your website SEO:

It’s common to see WordPress user’s installing more than 5 plugins on their Website. I’ve personally seen a website once, using more than 80 plugins that promises a variety of things like redirection, SEO, Image Compressing, but in reality, the major part of these plugins were outdated and the application have already been compromised due to the lack of attention from the user to improve the website security and, since he didn’t have thinking of backing up the website content, the user have lost all of their work.

When it comes to WordPress, the fewer the best! You do not have to keep themes and plugins that you do not use because, you’ll have to manage a lot more in your updates to avoid security breaches that these plugins bring to your application. Also, do not believe in miracle solutions for SEO.

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